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Prices and Services available:

Flowers and Gifts

Flowers and gifts are available for your special lady. Professional designers work for us in all cities and smaller towns of the FSU. Please, see samples of bouquets and gifts here.

Included in the price for all deliveries are pictures of your special lady receiving your gift. The minimum time for delivery is 24 to 48 hours; however we would prefer you to send the order a few days in advance.

Friends and Hot People List

Build your own private friends list to keep track of their usernames, and to share photos and events. Use it for your main contact list!

If you see someone you're interested in put them on your Hot People list and build your own Little Black Book.

Banned People

Tired of being bothered by the same losers over and over? Put them on your banned list and you become invisible to them.

Photo Gallery

Upload your photos and keep them private for you and your friends, or allow them to be viewed by everyone. Advanced gallery features include multiple album management and automatic thumbnails generation.

Built in photo editing allows you to crop or resize your photos after uploading.


  1. All meetings will take place in the office, unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  2. The meeting room at the office is available
  3. No meeting can be arranged via email/video or phone conversations without the consent of the office.
  4. Once you meet the lady in person. You may request from her any information you wish. We do not charge to arrange a second meeting with the lady during your primary visit. However if she refuses to provide the information to you we can not give it to you.
  5. You may use any interpreter from any agency to meet with the lady. We do not require you to use ours.

Video chat

We are now Supporting Skype meeting and MSN Messenger (click to download) live in our office.

We will attempt to have FREE chats during the hours mention below. However we do not guarantee that our FREE chats will occur and they are secondary to paid private chats during the same time frame. Please if you connect to a chat and the lady isn't responding to you it would mostly likely be a private chat going on at the same time.  Please email or admin@melodyoflove.odessa.ua if you are unable to connect during any chats with your MSN id.

NOTICE: before chat we should connect with girl and ask her to come to our office for chat with you. . The minimum time for odder live chat is 48 hours

Monday though Friday from 6pm to 9pm  (11am to 13am EST)
Saturday and Sunday  5pm to 8pm local time. (10am-1pm Eastern time)

To connect to office video

  1. Start MSN Msg or Skype
  2. Find and add our nickname "MOL@live.com"
  3. Write or call us in working time

PRIVATE VIDEO CHAT can be arranged with your ladies. Just click on your lady that you like and select video chat.

Be sure to contact us using SKYPE or MSN. Msg

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