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Success story

Irina and Michael from USA

Kristina and Fabian from Belgium

Michael and Irina have met in september in 2013 in agency "Melody of Love". We have married in January 2015.We are ha[[y- thank you-Alla and your agency!

I found the love of my life, my bride, my soul mate and a partner for life through agency "Melody of love", We met in June 2012 and got married in December 2012 - thank you very much for this site!Alla has done good job!"(Fabian, Belgium and Kristina, Ukraine)

Milana and Rick from USA

Alla You are the key to me finding the love of my life
At this time I want to say 1 million thank you to you for your genius talent to put Mila in my life and give us a chance to find love.

Being in Ukraine and meeting cool people and having the experience in this country truly changed my life - and my life is forever blessed because of you.I do not knowif I will ever start a business in the International Dating World - but I promise to finish the book and tell as many people as possible about you.

Great thanks and love and respect to you my dear dear Alla

Alla and Stan from Australia

A lot of thanks to Melody of Love. We are married in March 2014.

Kristina and Carl from Australia

Liudmyla and Neil from UK

"I have tried a lot of websites, but "Melody oflove" far exceeds others. Thank you for making our dreams come true! We got married in March 2013.Now we are together and happy!" (Carl, Australia and Kristina, Ukraine)


I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Alla of Melodyoflove in all her efforts in finding me my sweet charming and beautiful wife I had spoken to Alla over a considerable length of time regarding going to Odessa to meet up with several ladies in the hope of finding the One for me after fruitless searches in other parts of eastern Europe I eventually took the plunge to go to the wonderful city of Odessa about 2 and a half years ago.

Alla with out thought for her own well being took me and a friend on a roller coaster ride of meeting many beautiful ladies from her site all with their own hidden charms.The Lady I met stood out like a shining beacon and as a result through Alla's effort we met on a number of occassions Liudmyla's english was yes and no and my Russian was da da da... We decided through communicating with Alla and her translation skills that Liudmyla and I would give it a try. I returned to the UK for what should have been several months in order for Liudmyal to learn english with our now joint friend Alla. However, Liudmyla and I realised that we could not be apart that long and I decided to return to the Ukraine within the month. On my return we made arrangement through Alla to marry in Odessa. And together with Liudmyla daughters decided that our future life was to be in the United Kingdom. We returned to the UK in 2010 and have since led a life that is so precious to us all and Liudmyla daughter now treats me and calls me daddy. This makes me so proud knowing that we are now a complete family and our experiences are ones that we could only have dreamed about if it is was not for Alla help. Liudmyla studies English and is now profficient and her daughter Matilda is often taken for English as Welsh accent is now coming out ..They are both settled and loved by family and friends in the Uk  ...We are now in the summer of 2012 looking forward to a long and cherished futre together.
Finally allthough I have said it more than once, I wish to extend our thanks to the lovely lady of Melodyoflove, without her help we would not be here today enjoying family life and her name is Alla xxx

Nadia and Peter from Belgium

Nina and Jelle from Netherlands

We want to thank agency “ MELODY OF LOVE” as we found each other here. We both have had to wait a long time to find personal happiness and now we know we have both found exactly what we were looking for. We are deeply inlove now and cant imagine our lives without each other and we  go married we got married on the 17th of October 2008!
 Dear members of the site, never give up your hopes...miracles do exist in this world..!!

We are Jelle Paulusma and my lady Nina Smirnova Paulusma .Iam from the Netherlands and my lady from Ukraine .How did we meet each other . Well I was by Alla her agency who connect people .She has a relationship bureau who help people from different  country’s.  First I meet several woman ,but then Nina was by Alla.I was there too ,we start talking a little bit in englisch .And made a appointment and so our relationship started .We meet one year before the banks crashes in all lands ,with there monopolysytem.The effects where catastrophic for most lands and people .We are still paying the price for it . Here we are in the Netherlands with me in my house .the first time for Nina too come here .she stayed one month with me . She had a good time ,and saw many things off my land .But time goes very fast when you have a good time whith each other .Nina also did some study Netherlands language . Bu tI helped her in a lot off things .With many patience ,and

bij moeder op de bank.jpg

repeating things. Later I getmarried with my future lady Nina. We had a good day at ours wedding day. Some snow was that day so the transport was a bit slow , but we made it . it was the happiest day of our live .you do it  only one time in your live . you must be good and honest with each other ,and talk with each other . Other wise it will never work ,and trust each other in all things .DSCN1256.JPG

We are still happy with each other ,and hope for better times for every one When we are married  In 2010 I  stayed 6 months with her after that I have to.leave her Here we are in the cityhall . Where we are married in Odessa . Later we celebrated with the family. that was a good time .


This our story how we meet each other, and now we travel too each other .Till the time is Wright too live in my country together. So we have patience but we  always love each other ,no matter what will happens .  We both will thank Alla her agency and people for connecting us with each other .And hope that many happy couples will follow .

Elena and Goron from Norway

We thank for our happiness to agency "Melody Of Love". We are together since 2010.


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