What Ukrainian Women Want: Secrets to Dating Success

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Most Ukrainian dating rules are likely comparable with modern western dating. But there are a few items that we feel are worth mentioning and that are unique and very popular in Ukraine and other Slavic countries. Those peculiarities are very important and may be a huge deal-breaker when building a happy relationship. Needless to say, Ukrainian culture is influencing the dating rules and has special etiquette and tradition norms. We encourage you to explore Ukrainian dating and use the information below as a guide on how to date a Ukrainian woman.

7 Dating Ukrainian Girl Tips

Striking up conversations on the streets with a cute girl is perfectly normal

Men, as a rule, strike up conversations with women basically anywhere and that is seen as totally fine. Important dating Ukrainian girl tips that are useful before actual dating:

  • Don’t be shy to make the first move. Men are expected to be the leaders in the relationship. So, just come up to the girls you like and simply start a conversation and see where it leads. That wouldn’t appear as rude and you wouldn’t be perceived as psycho.
  • Don’t be misled by cold appeal. Gorgeous Ukrainian women can be very cold initially, but if you keep being cautiously persistent and charming the ice will break. If a girl likes you she may warm up very quickly and give you her number or even go with you to wherever you invite her.

Be a gentleman

One of the most important dating a Ukrainian woman tips is to be cordial. Men are expected to open doors, offer seats to pregnant women or elderly. Also, your Ukrainian girl will appreciate you putting her coat on or off, helping her carry heavy bags from the shops, etc.

Flowers and small surprises are a must for dating Ukrainian women

Preparing bouquets and random surprises are important dating Ukrainian women tips. That doesn’t mean that these girls are gold-diggers, but unless you bring a bunch of flowers on a date she won’t consider you a suitable admirer. She will just think that your intentions are not serious. Also, note that if you bring flowers, make sure it is an odd number.

Going Dutch is not an option

The unwritten rule of Ukrainian dates is ‘if you invite women on a date – you are expected to pay’. Going Dutch is not common in Ukraine and as a rule is not understood at all. Your date may even offer to pay her part but you should decline, otherwise, you’ll lose some boyfriend points.

Be genuine

Stunning Ukraine brides are by nature very genuine. They always express their emotions freely no matter if they are positive or negative. For example, many people see Slavic people as very serious or sad and that is just because it is not customary for people to smile often as it is in the United States. In Ukraine, you’ll see women smiling only when there is a reason for that and not simply for the sake of smiling. Also, the same applies to negative emotions. If your girl doesn’t like something or she is feeling blue she won’t have a fake smile and will appreciate it if you show your interest at what happened or just try to make her laugh.

Don’t start relationship unless you have serious intentions

Casual dating is not common in Ukraine. A couple starts dating when there is a mutual interest and if both see a future together. Long time dating is not that common either as any relationship needs development and at the same time Ukrainian beauties don’t like to waste time on men that don’t want to build a family with them. So, the Ukraine dating tip will be – showing your serious intentions by your actions and not starting anything at all if you feel that it’s not your match.

Get to know Ukrainian language & culture

Having a good knowledge of the traditions and customs will help you to avoid a lot of misunderstandings. Take your time to research it and don’t be shy to ask questions. Ukrainian girls, as a rule, like to talk about their culture and show you the full glory of it. If she offers to cook something from the national cuisine – immediately agree and you won’t regret it! Ukrainian food is very delicious and varied and there are a lot of dishes that you will for sure enjoy.

Also, learning a few phrases and potentially learning a new language is a good idea. Studying process is great for bonding and knowing Ukrainian or Russian will simplify your time in Ukraine and communication with your future relatives.

Dating a Ukrainian woman tips – Topics & Questions to Avoid

Here are some Ukraine dating tips on topics to avoid on the first date and early stages of a relationship.

  • Why do you speak Russian if you a Ukrainian? – Not a polite question that may cause discomfort and a hard time explaining. What you should know is that there are two basic parts of Ukraine – East, and West. The Western part tends to speak Ukrainian exclusively while the Eastern prefers Russian. That is due to historical reasoning and deep connections with the neighboring country.
  • Politics & Religion – Those topics are not tabus, but if you want to ask something personal like about religion or want to discuss politics, ask your girl if she is comfortable with that. As a rule, those topics strike arguments if your views don’t align.


Ukrainian women know how to surround men with love and care but at the same time, they want to be respected and treated properly. Learn more about these stunning ladies and you will build a meaningful relationship where you get your partner. If you want to connect with amazing women from Ukraine you can go on mail order bride tour or try online dating. Regardless of what way you choose, you should know that those women are worth the effort and maybe your destiny is waiting for you abroad.