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In Ukraine, there are many customs and traditions, as well as stereotypes, which all locals have to follow. For example, people say that if a woman doesn’t marry until she is 30, her chances to find a husband will seriously decrease. Others claim that a couple has to marry as soon as possible, and even better when they graduate from the university and have a wedding right after that. Of course, these just unsubstantiated beliefs that usually bring more harm than happiness.

Luckily, modern views prevail in the country nowadays, and ladies understand that they have to set priorities and not marry “the first stranger”. It depends on a woman if she chooses a career or family, but she can also successfully devote time to both spheres of her life and easily achieve her goals. Despite that, many Ukrainian beauties still follow stereotypes they grew up hearing and end up with divorces.

Also, Ukrainian singles don’t want to hurry because they are afraid of choosing wrong guys. Many women who have immigrated to the US are in happy marriages and claim that they have learned many things from their husbands as well as informed men about Ukrainian culture.

Why and how many: gender roles, divorces, and Ukraine singles

Today, citizens are witnessing a rethinking of the role of women in Ukrainian society. The public consciousness has finally come to the recognition that gender equality is a fundamental principle of society. Also, there is a growing understanding that gender equality is a powerful resource for the development of society.

The national symbol of Bereginya largely reflects the traditional Ukrainian stereotype of femininity, however, in an amended form. Besides, by all criteria, it fully complies with the traditional system of values, where self-dedication to the family, children, and the home was considered as the highest calling of a woman.

The second factor in the attractiveness of the image of Berehynia is an exaggeration of the rights and powers of a female in the family and society, that is, the so-called “matriarchal myth,” which has become an important component of national discourse. Let’s see some interesting statistics on the topic of gender roles based on the answers of 2000 respondents:

  • 83% of people say that the main task of a woman is taking care of the house and family, and 75% respondents mentioned that the most important thing for a man is to earn money;
  • 80% of men think that a husband is the head of the family, but 50% say that a wife also can take this role. And 60% of women believe that a man is head of the family, and 80% agree that a female can also take the lead;
  • 82% of respondents believe that a man has to support his family with money;
  • the fact that a woman does housework is perceived more positively (65%) than when a man does housework, and a woman earns money (44%).

Unemployed and divorced people, tend to perceive a woman as the head of the family more positively. However, it is distinctive that people who support the idea that a man should be the head of the family are the ones with small incomes and a low level of education. In the West of the country, citizens are calmer in assessing the possibility that it is a woman who makes money, while a man does household work. In Western Ukraine, women are more likely to take responsibility for the family’s financial well-being. If you meet Lviv brides, you will see their open-mindedness for yourself.

The reasons why there are many Ukrainian singles: divorces and bigger female population

On December 1, 2019, there were 20.009 million women and 17.28 million men who lived in Ukraine. Females predominate males in almost all age groups. In 2019, there were six times more marriages than divorces; 227 thousand couples got married. The biggest numbers of marriages were registered in Kiev and Kharkov, meaning that in those cities there are many Ukraine brides. However, the reasons’ people in Ukraine divorce are different values, outlooks on life, and career plans, and many are not ready for emotional closeness with the partner. So, many Ukrainian singles are divorced, but willing to marry other men or haven’t met ideal guys yet. For example, there are many cases when different single Kiev brides who had children met American guys who happily accepted them and kids and built strong families.

The popularity of international marriages in Ukraine and places to find Ukrainian singles

Each year, more and more women are marrying foreign men. Although such marriages make only 6% of the country’s statistics, it’s still quite a significant amount. Usually, an American guy can meet Ukrainian singles online or while traveling, and it’s often when international friendship turns into love. In big cities, like Odessa, many ladies share stories of their happy marriages and say that it was hard to adapt to the new country, but it’s worth it. Single men who aim to find Odessa brides might consider visiting the city as it is known for its unique color, humor, and, of course, beaches and Black sea. In Kharkov, there are many universities and well-educated ladies who are intelligent and smart, and any man will be proud to have such a wife. Actually, Kharkov brides also know English and can discuss different topics, they also appreciate if in their families a husband and a wife have equal rights and responsibilities.

Thus, in Ukraine, women have different opinions about their roles in the family, but they all want to be treated with love, respect, and care. A Western man can meet Ukrainian singles online and establish strong relationships that will lead to happy marriages. So, don’t lose your chance to get a Ukrainian bride as they are in high demand among foreign guys.