Exposed: The Truth About Dating Scams in Ukraine

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As there are many dating sites that offer their service to single men, a guy might get lost in the number of websites and register on the one that offers meeting fake ladies. For example, it is often when women pretend to be single Ukrainian brides to curry favor with gentlemen because they receive money for doing that. In Ukrainian dating scams, there even were cases when guys became fake ladies and made up different stories to receive attention from the site’s users. After that, they asked for money, and, after receiving them, blocked the user or just deleted fake profiles. Let’s go through the most popular schemes and help you to detect a lie from the first messages!

Ukrainian dating scams: technical problems is among popular excuses

As we live in the 21 century, almost everyone has the Internet and smartphones, it’s not a problem to be online at any time. However, ladies on unreliable dating sites often say that they have issues with connection to the Internet or that they don’t have WiFi at the house. Hopefully, you understand that gadgets are affordable nowadays, and even if there are any problems with connection, a lady can go to the cafe or other place and remain online. If a woman has shown interest in a man and chatted with him for a long time and then disappeared because of bad Internet, she will put effort into fixing this problem. Many Ukraine brides dream of marrying American gentlemen, so they won’t vanish and will always be in touch. But if it’s a fake lady, all she needs from you is attention and money you spend on communicating with her.

Ukraine brides scams include requesting personal information

Isn’t it weird when a girl knows you for just a month, but she decides that it’s time to ask the number of your personal bank account? Yes, it truly is because, in this way, the fraudsters can receive your money and leave you with nothing but disappointment. A Western man has to be careful and never tell a woman he has never met in reality such valuable information. Moreover, if a guy has been communicating with a woman over a year, he should have her contacts and know her personal information. It is a long enough period to build stable relationships, but if a lady still refuses to give you her email or share profile on social media, she must be a scammer.

Asking for money as the sign of ukrainian dating scams

It is common when ladies you’ve met online ask you for money because of different reasons, from financing for curing illnesses of their relatives to paying for flights. Even worse, if a lady is doing this when the man has never talked to her on video. A Western guy shouldn’t send money to the person he doesn’t know well because it’s a simple way to get cash and abandon a man who believed in the scammer’s story. In case you still can’t let the lady go because you fancy her, tell her that you can’t send her money, and explain why. If the lady’s reaction is calm, then she might be a real woman who actually needs financial support. Ukrainian brides scams also include occasions when a man himself offers to buy something a woman has asked for, but she refuses, saying that he better gives her actual money.

What popular phrases people use in ukrainian dating scams?

There were many times when men fell in love with Ukrainian ladies and even invited them to the US, but they have refused. Of course, there are many circumstances because of which a woman can’t go to another continent. But some of the scammers even find excuses for stopping communication with gentlemen by giving ultimatums. We have created a list of top Ukraine bride scams phrases:

  • I truly want to come to you, but I don’t have a passport;
  • I dream of visiting you, but I am really busy at work and don’t have time;
  • I don’t know English, so I need money for English courses;
  • I don’t feel comfortable enough to talk on Skype or video chat.

So, if the lady has texted you any of these phrases, she is undoubtedly a scammer because it doesn’t take much time or money to make a passport, and if she doesn’t know English, it’s her problem, you shouldn’t pay for anything. If a girl has registered on a dating site and tries to marry a man, how will she even communicate with him without knowing the language? To be sure that a guy is not a victim of Ukrainian dating scams, he has to talk with the lady via Skype to see that she is real. Moreover, if you have been chatting for a couple of months and the girl already says that she can’t imagine her life without you or mentions other similar things, she must be lying because women usually don’t say such words after being in relationships for such a short time. So, if you receive many messages in which she continually tells you about her feelings, this is a scammer who wants to gain your trust.

Tips on detecting and avoiding dating scams in Ukraine

A woman can ask a man about gifts or money only when they are in a serious relationship and know each other very well. In case a lady you’ve met online texts you and says that she wants to receive a significant sum of money or an expensive gift from the man, it means that her goal is to trick you. Although dating Ukrainian women tips include buying them flowers or presents, it doesn’t mean that ladies can demand them from you. If a guy suspects that he is communicating with a fake lady, he should:

  1. Immediately stop responding and texting her;
  2. Search her images online to see if such woman actually exists;
  3. Report to the website and give the information about a scammer’s profile.

So, professional scammers use various schemes that aim to fool trusting men and get their money. Frauds develop and improve their tricks to attract more guys from which they can receive benefits. Unfortunately, Ukraine dating scams are popular, depriving real women of their chances to meet American men online. Thus, be careful and cautious on doubtful dating websites or equivalent platforms.