How Much Does a Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Really Cost? Find Out Now

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Western men often choose Ukraine as their destination when they want to meet a future bride, and that’s a wise decision. In the country, there are quite low prices, excellent services, and plenty of beautiful ladies. In general, you will spend around $6000, which is the average price guys usually pay on dates in the US. The price often depends on many factors as if you want a lady that will look in a specific way, you will have to pay more as the agency will have to conduct a more thorough search.

Also, the more trips to Ukraine you want to do, the higher the price will be as you might want to make sure that your chosen lady is the right one by meeting her several times. The city of a woman’s origin also plays a significant role in calculating the final price as the managers will need to spend more time searching. You might think that it’s a costly service, but if a man decides to use the help of a real and reliable organization, it won’t be cheap. As there is much paperwork, matchmakers, and other necessities that provide a perfect experience, the final price will also include the payment for all the mentioned items.

Below, we will explain how much does a Ukrainian wife cost and guide you through all the details that you should keep in mind.

Ukrainian brides cost: the price of membership on a dating site

The price of the membership depends on the site you are using, however, if it’s too low or too high, you should better check the reviews of other customers. On average, the price you’ll need to pay starts from $3.99. Different actions also require different money as, for example, the letter will be cheaper than receiving multiple photos from Ukraine wives. A guy pays for everything with credits, and dating sites offer them in packs, so you can choose how many of them you want to purchase. Let’s see the average price for the services you will be offered to use on sites:

  • the registration is completely free, and some websites even offer credits without charge so you can use them and see the features of the site;
  • one-month subscription starts from $10, but if you buy a six-month or bigger package, you will pay less as it’s cheaper to buy more credits at once than every month;
  • there are pay-to-use services, and you can pick any of them, for example, the call is one credit per minute and chat is 0.5 credits for 5 minutes. You can also send virtual gifts that cost from $2.5, depending on your choice. Moreover, it’s possible to send a real gift to the lady, so a Western man just needs to pick what he wants and surprise his Ukrainian lover with a bouquet or something else.

How do tickets to Ukraine affect ukrainian mail order bride cost?

Well, your flight might be the most expensive part of the final payment as it always depends on the date, airline, and the city of departure and arrival. However, if you want to buy economy class tickets and purchase them on the day of the lowest price, you can save a lot of money. In general, flight from New York to Kyiv is $370-$1100, so if you’d rather spend more finances on dates with your lady but not buy expensive tickets, you can tell us that, and we will make sure to monitor flights.

Another thing that requires money is a guy’s stay in Ukraine. However, there are many options as you can live in a 5-star hotel, your bride’s place, or a hostel; you are the one to choose. Prices for food and transport are low in Ukraine, so you won’t need to worry about spending too much money on them. If you decide to buy gifts for your lady or her parents, then the price will vary from $10 to $300, but you shouldn’t try to impress anybody with your finances, better show them what a nice man you are.

Does Ukrainian brides cost include marriage ceremony and paperwork?

The costs a guy might spend on a wedding ceremony will depend on the wishes of the bride and the way a couple imagines this event. In general, newlyweds will need to pay $20 for the registration, but lovers might want to have an express marriage, which will be around $600 and includes decorations and catering.The price for one ring starts from $40, and if you want to give your lady a diamond ring, you will have to pay $400-$800. So, yes, ukrainian mail order bride cost does include the price for the wedding. However, although the nuptials will be the event you will remember for your whole life, the only thing that truly matters is love because if there is love, you won’t worry about anything.

If you want to have a wedding with your Ukrainian bride in her homeland, pay attention to the following steps:

  1. The official and state body for registering marriages for both Ukrainians and foreign citizens is the registry office. An American man must have a passport with a notarized translation into Ukrainian and a copy of a page from a passport with the stamp of crossing the border;
  2. When applying, you must pay the state fee for the provision of services;
  3. The application will need to be submitted personally by future spouses. This method will also protect against incorrect paperwork;
  4. It is possible to apply online, but in this case, it is necessary to have all scans of documents and an electronic signature.

Concluding thoughts about ukrainian mail order bride cost

As you can see, a wedding in Ukraine and the price for other services is completely reasonable and affordable. Usually, Ukrainian brides cost is $6000, which is a small sum to pay for true love. A Western man has plenty of options to choose from, as he is the only one who decides with what woman he wants to live a life and how his ideal wedding looks. For sure, dating agencies are your true helpers as there, work people who have long experience in making lovers from different countries happy. So, don’t hesitate and may fortune guide you during the search for your lovely Ukrainian bride!