From Ukraine to America: A Guide to Cross-Cultural Dating

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It is not a secret that a lot of people all over the world strive for the American dream. It is a dream of being happy, successful, and free. Ukrainian beauties are not an exception. Some of them dream of living in Western Europe others in the USA. The reason partially lies in the political and economic situation of Ukraine. But partly it is just because women are attracted to the positive qualities and lifestyle that foreign men provide.

Ukrainian women tend to see marriage as an opportunity to change their lives and that’s why it’s one of the reasons why they want to marry Americans. But actually it’s not that simple, as just a better quality of life is a surface reason. Stay with us to find out more about why gorgeous Ukraine brides are looking for foreign husbands from the US. Is it true they are gold-diggers? Or are they just trying to have to get a green card?

Do Ukrainian women like American men?

This question has probably popped up in the mind of every American man while considering dating a gorgeous Ukrainian woman. And that is completely natural because when you see the stunning appearance, perfect facial features, nice sense of style, and loving character you only can wonder why these hotties need to look for partners at all. You may think that tons of boys and men fall to their feet, but in reality, it’s not how it happens.

Yes, stunning Slavic beauties never have a lack of attention. But local men are usually spoiled by the beauty around them, and they don’t give enough credit to what Ukrainian girls have to offer. And on the contrary, foreign men, especially Americans, know how to treat a woman properly. They can make a woman feel like a queen and such an attitude is very alluring. But that is not the only reason why Ukrainian singles like Americans. To learn more about why do Ukrainian women like American men and the reasoning behind that love read further. We gathered all the main reasons that are commonly appreciated in American men.

Why do Ukrainian women love American men?

All women in Ukraine have different personalities and the reasoning for each girl may be different, but at the same time generally, all of those reasons may fall into such factors:

  • Western mentality. A lot of women prefer the mentality of Western men as it gives more individual freedom. Western men tend to respect and appreciate the care of women much more. American men know how to make a woman feel loved and appreciated. They never see their wife as a housekeeper, nanny, servant, but they see her as a partner, a woman they love.
  • American men are very positive. American smiles are known all over the world. Even though it is not 100% genuine all the time it is still very uplifting being surrounded by positivity. Ukrainian girls adore that about Americans.
  • Loyalty. Unfortunately, surrounded by such beauties many local men fail in staying faithful. That is why Ukrainian brides search for a loyal partner abroad. Even though casual dating and one-night stands are very common in the US culture, when it comes to marriage they tend to be more loyal. Especially being with such a caring and attractive woman from Ukraine.
  • Ambitions. Modern Western men are famous go-getters. They strive to success and that is no surprise that such mentality attracts women. The lifestyle of American men can provide comfortable living and a lot of opportunities. And every woman is naturally looking for a partner that can sustain a family.
  • They know how to enjoy life. Being very positive and easy-going Americans know how to have proper fun. Even though they are working a lot and busy lifestyles can take up a lot of time, Americans still find time for celebrations, parties, and vacations. Enjoying life to the fullest is what they are working for. Besides, a lot of them like to invest into the experiences more than into material things. Search attitude to life is kind of exotic to Ukrainian women and that’s why they like it.
  • They don’t care about other people’s opinions. Americans do not live just for a beautiful picture or for the sake to be liked by people around them. They genuinely don’t care if someone will consider them crazy if they are going to the local shop in pajamas. Such behavior is never seen in Ukraine and it gives a feeling of freedom, which is very attractive.
  • Appearance. Let’s not forget about how American men care about themselves. All Americans are fat is a huge myth. Especially modern men who are trying to have that six-pack and care a lot about what they wear. Also, a lot of them are not afraid to do a face mask or even visit a beautician which positively influences their appearance. Oh, and the American smile of straight white teeth is very charming. Such a level of self-care is never seen in local men, as they consider it unmanly. And that plays a bad joke with them as their women go for foreign men.

The bottom line

There are no doubts that stunning Ukrainian girls like the mentality and appearance of American men. It may be not a thing for everyone, but there are a lot of girls that are happy to become potential brides. So, if you were considering trying online dating to meet an attractive woman from Ukraine, then you should totally try it!