Unlock the Secrets of Ukrainian Dating Culture: A Comprehensive Guide

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Ukraine is Europe’s second-largest country and it has an interesting history and unique culture. It’s traditions, customs and beliefs form modern Ukrainian women culture. But the interesting fact is that it is not solely influenced by national peculiarities but also by neighboring countries. The rich lands of the country are surrounded by diverse nations and cultures that have influenced the formation of the modern state of things. Stay with us to get more useful information about Ukrainian dating culture and learn what to expect from a relationship with a gorgeous Ukrainian girl. Be prepared for little differences to avoid misunderstandings and offending the woman you like.

Interesting side of Ukrainian women culture

In Ukrainian culture women can be described as very sensitive and loving. They are not afraid to be feminine and such attitude fits well with their culture. Stunning Ukrainian girls are ready for everything to prove the fact that they are the best. They always work hard to be the best version of themselves. The reasoning for that lies in a huge competition that those women face, as it is not easy to be the best among the most beautiful women in the world.

Another big influence on Ukraine brides comes from their upbringing. Parents, as a rule, raise their daughters traditionally. And that results in the culture orienting girls to building a happy family, creating home comfort, and parenting. Also, a huge part is believing in the traditional division of gender roles in the family. Husbands will always be in the first place and are expected to be the leaders in the relationship and main decision-makers.

Ukrainian culture has a lot of unique traditions that you won’t find anywhere in the world. And those traditions are passed from generation to generation. Even in international marriages, lovely Ukrainian women manage to keep the most valuable traditions and peculiarities of some holiday celebrations. But how Ukrainian mentality influence Ukrainian dating culture? Continue reading to find out about that in comparison with typical Western dating.

Ukrainian dating culture vs Western dating

Even if Ukrainian culture on dating women is quite modern and similar to the Western one in some aspects, there is still a lot of national influence. Here we prepared the rundown of all relationship stages and want to highlight the differences between Ukrainian and Western dating.

Pre-dating stage

A lot of modern pre-dating happens online both in Ukraine and Western countries. Western girls usually make the first move, which is super rare in Ukraine. The majority of beautiful Ukrainian women may appear cold and not very invested in communication. But as a rule, it is just because they are shy at first and need time to get to know and trust you.

Also, Ukrainian beauties usually decline a lot of date offers. Don’t worry if she said no, as here you need to show your persistence. Those girls are not just playing hard to get, but they genuinely are. As a rule, women have a lot of hobbies, work, studying and so on. That’s why they want to date men who are sure about their intentions and are ready to make an effort. Western women also have busy lifestyles but as they have a casual dating culture, they are not that picky.

Dating peculiarities

  1. Man is expected to be a leader of the relationship in Ukrainian dating, which is very different in the West, where a relationship is seen as a partnership. So, asking for a date, booking restaurants, and making plans is usually man’s duty in Ukraine.
  2. Even if you have been talking online for weeks or months before you met in person for the first time, you still need to bring flowers. Without flowers, it’s not a proper courtship, in eyes of Ukrainian beauty. Western women also love flowers and appreciate the attention, but it is not that important as it is in the Ukrainian dating culture.
  3. Being a gentleman is expected in Ukraine, as traditionally, local men open doors for women, offer their seats in public transport, or helping with heavy bags from the shops. Such an attitude can be rarely seen in Western countries, especially with the popularity of feminism.
  4. No extensive PDA or casual dating is common for Ukrainian culture, but it is quite a Western norm. Usually, Ukrainian women start dating only with men that they see future with.

Intimate relationships

Having an intimate relationship doesn’t mean that you are actually a couple in western countries. But if you had sex with Ukrainian girl there are no questions of the type, “Are we officially dating?”. The lady automatically assumes this is going to be serious and you are in a relationship now. Just hooking up is not common in Ukraine. Yes, of course, that happens but not because the woman intends it. Local morals don’t allow them to date casually or have multiple partners. Such behavior may label her as a ‘slut’. So, usually, Ukraine mail order wife really tests the guy and makes sure he is really interested, before allowing any intimacy to happen.

Proposal & Marriage

As we have already mentioned Ukrainian women take dating very seriously. And they will expect the same from their man. Showing that you have serious intentions is crucial for a healthy relationship. But in western dating, everything is more laid back and some women are not even interested in creating a family at all.

Also, for Ukrainian dating, it is important to have the preference of your girl’s family and especially parents. Ukrainian ladies value the opinion of their close ones. Besides family bonds are very strong in the country as the whole culture is formed around family traditions and values. In western countries, the influence of the family is less strong, as usually women strive for independence.

Another interesting peculiarity of Ukraine is that a lot of women wish to be married not only legally but also in the church. Religious marriage is also practiced in Western countries but it is not that popular. But of course, everything depends on a particular case.

The bottom line

Ukrainian dating culture has its peculiarities but they are easy to understand. Take your time to explore the culture of these stunning beauties and it will help you to build a healthy and strong relationship easier and in a more meaningful way.